Hijama for shoulder pain

My name is Marie-Agnes, French born, I am not a Muslim. I grew up in a catholic family, but I am not a catholic either, I have my own religion and ethics in life. 

However, I have been introduced to Hijama by a friend of mine and after reading more about, I was immediately attracted by this simple and effective medicine.
It reminded me some treatments which were administered during the middle age in Europe. I thought that removing the blood to get rid of toxins and force the blood to renew was a very straight forward way to get rid of unwanted wastes in the body and produce a new clean blood.
I decided to give it a go, having huge tensions and pain in my shoulder.
The first few sessions, I was bleeding a lot and the blood was very dirty. I felt a little relief afterwards.
Then Umm Amaar (of Hijama Nation) suggested that I should do Hijama on my head to speed up the process and help cleanse of toxins.
This session was a key one and after the head cupping, the heaviness of my shoulder vanished, it was such a relief! Like when you remove the cork lid of a bottle with gas and the gas can get out.
Few weeks after this session when Umm Amaar asked me if I still have pain, I had already forgotten about it and asked: “Which pain????”
I want to say a big thanks to Umm Amaar as she is a very kind person, devoted to her mission to help people. I always felt safe into her hands, she is very professional and clean and I noticed that she never chose the easiest solution for her but for the best interest of her patients.
I am thinking of the day she suggested to do some wet cupping on my head as I was due for a simple dry massage cupping.
I know she offered it to me as it was the best for me but I know that was much more work for her.
Again I highly recommend Hijama Nation to everyone and Hijama is a natural and old remedy which is worth trying, I never had any adverse reactions to it.
I quite enjoyed the relief felt after the sessions. 
Marie-Agnes, London, UK  2012
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  1. assalamoalaikum wr wr,
    after finishing my taleem ul quran certificate course from alhuda international canada in 2007, i came back to pakistan, since then i am looking for an alternate career which could suit my environment as a female doctor and as a mother of a 2 year old. Allah swt showed me the way. I saw hijamanation website alhamdollilah and i couldnt find anything better. They are offering online course which is the best possibble way to study from home and to get a certificate and later on practice to help people suffering from different types of pains.
    The amazing thing is this that it is the revival of a sunnah. We all know that sunnah cannot be without hikmah. The benefits that i see as a doctor in hijama therapy are tremendous. All the medicines in the world have some side effects. hijama is the one that has only good effects, no side effects. All the medicines combined together at one end cant match this therapy.
    I pray that team at hijama nation keeps on doing this work and may allah increase them in this work day and night.
    may allah increase His taqwa and imaan in our hearts , ameen. jzk

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