This is a true story about X, Y and Z. They all had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. They were all 50+ years old, had severe joint problems and/or mild arthritis. Their hearts were under alot of strain and they needed quick relief. Naturally, they tried both dry and Hijama wet cupping and the results really were instantaneous. They relaxed during the sessions and noticed radical changes in subsequent days. Their blood circulation and respiratory systems imrpoved rapidly. They also noticed a huge reduction in stiff and inflamed joints. They truly did benefit greatly by having Hijama done. The extraction of the toxic blood had helped to unblock their clogged arteries, and aid better movement of blood and oxygen around the body…what more could a gal ask for?
The most noticeable thing about these paticular patients was the type, texture and quality of their blood during their initial sessions. The blood was very different to other patients who did not have heart problems. X,Y and Z actually, had thicker, creamier, sludgey blood. Whatsmore, it even had a yellowish tinge to it….sounds strange, but it’s true! Even though the blood was red, it had a very fine yellowish film surrounding it. However, after regular treatments over a few weeks, the quality of their blood improved alot and appeared to have a normal consistencey…really amazing. Now, they are heart happy and have healthier hearts!

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  1. Can we get a brief explanation on how Hijama actually helps to unblock their clogged arteries? Besides that, what is that yellowish tinge referring to?

    1. Aslamulykum. In dry cupping, the pressure from the suction of the cups and forces rapid blood flow around the cardiovascular system. It causes expansion of all nerves, arteries and veins, so massive amounts of blood are forced to be pumped around the body, whereas it may usually be stagnant and sluggish normally. This is turn, pushes out toxins, residues, fats and cholesterol which are usually clogging the arteries. These can then either be; a) left to circulate back in to the body systems to be expelled naturally at some point through sweat, stool or urine etc OR b) can be drawn out in toxic blood via the Hijama cupping therapy. Thus, dry cupping brings poisonous subtances to the surface of the skin and causes congestion. Then the Hijama takes it out of the body naturally in the unhealthy blood.
      I think the “Yellowish tinge” I described is actually fats and cholesterol which are present in the blood and arteries of a heart patient. In my experience, this phenomena was definitely exclusive to patients with high blood pressure or high cholesterol only, subhanallah!
      I hope this answers your question.

      1. Thank you very much for your reply! I like your answers but I have further questions to ask about this. I’m sorry because I’m really wondering.
        1) Can hijama helps to detox the liver by removing blood stagnant? To combat high blood pressure and high cholesterol, we have to clean the liver as well because the liver is the one that help to remove cholesterol or fats from the body.
        2) There are certain Hijama points which cover various organs like liver, heart, lungs, etc. How does it actually linked? I understand that it follows the Meridians but how do the meridians actually get connected to the various organs?
        I understand that we are removing bad blood from the capillaries during Hijama. Capillaries is the smallest vessels compared to veins and arteries. When we removed stagnant blood from the capillaries, the pressure of the blood flowing in the capillaries will increase thus will be able to push out blood into the veins faster so this will improve blood circulation.
        So can I say that capillaries in the skin on heart meridians (where hijama is being done) actually branches out until they reach the heart? and then will pushes away cholesterol in arteries

        1. Aslamulaukum.
          Thankyou for your questions. All of the answers to can actually be found in our Hijama Course. These issues are covered in various chapters such as Hijamaology and physiology and anatomy.
          Also, Hijama Nation is in the process of publishing a book about Hijamaology which looks at hijama points, different hijama techniques and both Islamic and Chinese energy pathways. We will inform you when this is ready and you can study it in further detail.

          1. Waalaikumsalam. Thank you very much for your reply! I’m looking forward to get the answers from the Hijama course.

  2. Other than doing Hijama therapy, what else should we advice this patient? Will you recommend any supplements or create any diet program for this patient?
    Thank you!

    1. Yes, we train our students to have a holistic diagnostic approach towards the patient. Patients should be advised to improve their diet, do more exercise, better breathing patterns and positive visualisations. They should be encouraged to make positive lifesyle changes to imrpove their health. The most important thing, above all else is to teach the Patient to increase eeman, taqwa, salaat, recitation of Quran, prayer and zhikr. A patient will only heal if all of these factors are prevalent first and foremost. The patient must know that ALLAH swt alone is the ultimate healer, not any medicines or Hijama Therapist.

  3. Assalamwalikum,
    the yellowish tinge i think you are referring to is actally plasma – a normal part of blood constitution.

    1. Aslamulaykum Dr,
      Thankyou for your comment.
      So if the “yellowish tinge” is plasma, does it mean it is in excess and imbalanced, ie; over and above what should be the normal level that it constitutes in blood?
      Thanks and JAK,
      Hijama Nation

  4. I am very intersted in learning how to perform Hijama. What are the prerequisiets? When is your next class? I am an Ophthalmic Technician for many years. Could that work on people with macula degeneration or retinal vein occlusion or glaucoma patients or diabetic retinopathy? The list is endless in the field of ophthalmology alone.

    1. Aslamulaykum Sister. Thankyou for your comment.
      You may apply for the course now and start the online learning. We will send you the course material as soon as you have submitted your application and payment.
      Indeed, the benefits of Hijama are endless for Opthamology and every other disease too;
      The Prophet (PBUH) also said: “If there is anything good in the medicines with which you treat yourselves, it is in the incision of the Hijama therapist, or a drink of honey or cauterisation with fire, but I do not like to be cauterised.” (Reference: Muslim, 2205)
      The Prophet PBUH specifically mentions how Hijama helps the eyes. Several patients have reported improved vision, reduced occualr pain, headaches and migraines; particularly diabetics.
      If it is performed in the correct manner, at the recommended times, Hijama is the cure for every disease. We strongly urge ALL muslims to fulfill this sunnah and perform on others too! There is great blessing in it!
      The Prophet (PBUH) said: “The best treatment is Hijama Cupping; it removes blood, lightens the back and sharpens the eyesight.” (Reference: At Tirmidhi, 3053)


  5. This mail is addressed to https://hijamanation.com/happy-heart and http://www.HijamaNation.com). In a special way to hijama Medical therapy specialists, who are interested in medical research.
    I have much interest in the wet vacuum therapy (Hijama or Bekam). I’m learning on the Internet Bekam therapy. I have all the equipment necessary to practice this therapy. I piking the skin with a lancet (a needle is sterile. This needle is typically used for the sample of blood in the fingertip, to determine the blood glucose., I do not use the knife, scalpel, or bistoury).
    I look very good therapeutic results with the wet cupping.
    Also, I observed a drawback in this therapy of wet cupping. The wet cupping requires repeat application repeatedly for long times. Example when applying a wet cupping on a “sore point with stasis of blood” (blood low fluid, low blood, and dark blood) is required soon after applying the wet cupping again, and shortly time thereafter, is required to apply again the wet cupping, and this situation is repeated indefinitely.
    Here in Mexico, a Mexican doctor named “Isaac Goiz Duran” medicine developed a technique called ” Biomagnetic pair of Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran” (www.biomagnetismo.biz).
    This technique uses powerful permanent magnets and the magnets are placed approximately 40 minutes on a body, this technique use a map showing more than 100 pathogenic nature points (points Reservoir). I want to join the 2 maps, the hijama map and the pathogen map development for the “Dr. Isaac Duran Goiz” to increase the effectiveness of healing
    Any comments in relation to this email message sent to email:
    [email protected]
    Manuel Diaz.
    Homeopathy and Acupuncture

  6. Could you pls tell me if there is anywhere i can get a training coarse in middle east, india & Uk. I have a medical backround so it will really help me to have a certificate and start doing the therapy for others.
    Many Thanks & regards

  7. Aslam o alkm!
    i want to ask about heart problem i m 26 yrs old and i hv irrthm and loud heartbeat every tme. i m v concrn abt it. Dr says i hv valv problm 1 valv is leaked and the other one shrink. Dr said to me surgry .i dnt knw wt type of.plz can u tel is hijama is benifital for me??? plz rply hijama nation

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