Hijama Cupping Therapy is NOT "Bloodletting"…

Bloodletting is a medically based treatment, which involves cutting of the veins or nerves. However, contrary to common belief, Hijama is NOT bloodletting. It is not so invasive that it cuts veins or nerves. In fact, Hijama Practitionres are trained to stay well away from veins,vessels, nerves etc  and not cut the flesh or deeper tissues. Hijama Practitioners only scratch the superficial layer of skin with a surgical lancet. These are designed to minimise damage to the skin and tissues. The scratches made are tiny and are not visible to the naked eye. It is only when the cup is replaced upon the spot, and the vaccumm is created on the bodies surface, that a few millilitres of TOXIC blood are sucked out of the small incisions. The cupped area will only bleed as much as it needs to, to shed toxic substances. As soon as the body has expelled stagnant, unhealthy blood, the cupped area will stop bleeding itself.  The incisions themselves hurt less than a paper cut or blood test. when the blood is being drawn, there is no pain at all and the Patient’s cannot even feel the blood coming out. The cuts will sting for about 1 day, but with proper care, will heal fully within 3-10 days. Hijama is an excellent therapy and promotes good health and detoxifies the body. Billions of people have done it for centuries ALL OVER the world, in all cultures and countries!

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