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Can Hijama Help with Migraines?

Assalama alaykum,
The following is a Case Study is by one of our HNA Graduates Sr Sahra Mire from London. She is producing great case-studies as a Hijama Practitioner. Her patient was a female who had a very busy and stressful lifestyle as a school teacher. Her patient had been suffering from severe Migraines since the past two years.
These began when she started her teaching role. She would get them as often as once every fortnight. She had been on the medication ‘Migraleve’. She described the migraines as a throbbing pain on the one-sided of the head, which she described to be similar to a severe tooth ache. These also made her feel symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.

Treatment plan

The patient had a number of Hijama sessions and massage. She was encouraged to use olive oil on her head and to increase water intake. She was advised on how she can reduce stress levels in her life.
water drink
Olive oil


She had a number of Hijama sessions which included Hijama on the head. After her first session and two weeks later the patient reported she did not have a Migrane attack since. After her 3rd HIjama session she had a minor headache only. By the fourth session, she decided to stop her ‘Migraleve’ tablets as she did not have a Migrane since. By her last session Hijama session the patient had started teaching again and reported she has had no signs of headaches. She will update the practitioner on her progress, and continue with increasing water intake and trying to manage her stress levels. 
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  1. Assalamo Alaikum
    I am interested in the points to reduce weight.
    Can you please show which are that points

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