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Can Hijama help Fibroids & low Hemoglobin level?

Here is yet another amazing Case Study by one of our HNA Graduates Sr Sabiha Tasneem from the Bahamas. She is a Certified HNA Hijama Practitioner (CHP) and producing great results. Here patient was a 46 year old Female with a history of blood counts showing hemoglobin level of 9.8 g/dl and iron deficiency and an Ultrasonography of the pelvis showed a fibroid uterus measuring 73.7mm and 71.1mm.

Health Concern

Uterus Fibroid, Anaemia and heavy menstrual bleeding.


She had a number of Hijama sessions along with diet and lifestyle change recommendations such as increase water intake and exercise.
cupping for fibroids


After Hijama her menstrual cycle was much better as the following two cycles since treatment were not as heavy bleeding. Remarkably, results from repeat ultrasonography of the pelvis after 8 weeks showed a slight reduction in the size of the fibroid to 67.3mm and 64.3 mm as before the size was measuring 73.7mm and 71.1mm. Also blood tests showed her hemoglobin level after 8 weeks reached 10.9 g/dl which shows improved levels of hemoglobin. 

The patient was advised  for a follow-up in three months to repeat hijama session, repeat complete blood count and to follow the dietary advice.Cupping for fibroids can be a great way to treat it without any medication. 

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  1. My dr advises me to have hijama done once in 2 weeks for my fibroid problem… Is this fine… My fibroid size is 30mm*20mm…i am anemic too..

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