Here is an awesome interview with one of our recent graduates; Ms Melanie Lozano from Houston, Texas, USA. She is a Non-Muslim, but has benefitted immensely from the spiritual aspects of Hijama Cupping Therapy. Melanie received a Distinction for her final grade and produced outstanding work.
1 Why did you decided to study hijama?
           ” The reason I decided to study Hijama is because I want to help my family, friends, and those in need naturally. As a Practitioner, colon hydrotherapist, and cupping therapist, I use many different natural detoxification methods and modalities. Hijama is a complementary preventative practice that cleanses the body and spirit. Upon researching and enhancing my educational background I found the principals and treatment of hijama to flow with my practice seamlessly.
  2   Why did you choose Hijama Nation?
          I researched and found Hijama Nation to have the largest most reputable information. I felt a connection with Hijama Nation because they are open to all cultures, but also provide useful Islamic information for the technique. Hijama Nation’s website was clear, uniform, organized, and genuinely up front about the material involved with the course.
  3   What did you think of the online course format?
          The format was organized, well explained and nearly perfect in length and format. The videos of examples and diagrams along with the study material all was a wonderful for an online course. I especially like the class keeping the content in the same location and not sending the student to several different websites to submit work.
  4   What did you think of the course material? Was it OK to follow as a non-muslim?
       The content was easy to follow, I am slightly familiar with Islam and Muslim material, I learned more than I knew and it was just the right amount of content. I think if there was any more included it could be overwhelming for non-Muslims.
  5   What did you think of the practical component of the course?
       The entire course was great, and the practical components were one of my favorite parts. It is a great way to compile and tie all the information and instruction for Hijama together. It is Intended to assist with “practical” real life use and it succeeded by applying the best practices and tips to practice Hijama.
  6   Did you find the case studies format to be useful?
       The case studies were useful, yes the format was a great way to have an outline and overview of the patients. A great professional example of ideas to use with my own practice and records.
  7   How did you find Tutor support?
       Every time I had any questions or concerns, I e-mailed my instructor and she was responsive immediately and communicated with all my needs. 
  8   Would you recommend the course to others?
       Absolutely, I would recommend this course to others. I plan to send any of my affiliates or associate practitioners train and become certified with Hijama Nation in the next coming year. 
  9   How will you implement hijama in your life now?
       I have already implemented my life and my practice with Hijama. I continue to treat my family and will treat myself regularly. I plan to expand in the next coming year and inform others about my wonderful experience with Hijama”.
Thanks so much to Ms Melanie. We appreciate the support and hope she benefits from the course and is able to help as many patients as possible with Hijama Therapy. To serve your community and help people, become a Certified Hijama Practitioner (CHP).
Hijama Regulations in the U.K.
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