One of our Graduates Sitti Parani from USA treated a 39 year old Sister who was suffering from agonising abdominal pain. This pain caused her to be limping as she walked. She would have continuous high blood sugar and headaches. She has had dry cupping and traditional massage in the past but it did not make a difference to her health. She needed a more practical solution and she chose Hijama.  
Hijama nation Treatment Abdominal Pain
Immediately after her first Hijama her body felt lighter because pain on the upper partof the body had gone instantly and just a little bit of pain had remained in the lower abdomen compared to before. Amazingly, following her next two treatments she came to me smiling as she was no longer limping and could stand up straight easily. Sometime later, she still had pain in inner thighs but moving cupping on the legs helped reduced the pain.
Results were incredible, towards the end of treatment pain in her lower abdomen and her feet disappeared. She was able to stand up straight pain-free. I realised the stagnant blood within her legs blocked circulation consequently causing pain and limping. Removing this improved circulation thus improving quality of day to day activities. She will recommend Hijama and do it again.
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