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A Neurosurgeon treating Hyperthyroidism with Hijama... - Hijama Nation

A Neurosurgeon treating Hyperthyroidism with Hijama…

The following case study is from our Hijama Nation Graduate who is a neurosurgeon from Pakistan Rabab Qureshi. She has combined her knowledge and expertise to treat her patients with Hijama Cupping Therapy. She is producing remarkable results with the will of Allah.
She has shared a very interesting and successful case study of her 40 year old patient with hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroids). Her doctor couldn’t believe her latest report and said “I don’t understand this case, you have remarkable progress”.

As many of you hyperthyroid sufferers can relate to,  the patient suffered the following symptoms: Irritability, Insomnia, Tremors, Excessive sweating, Swelling on neck, Palpitations ( 130b/m), Increased heart rate, Intolerance to heat, Amenorrhea and general mood   swings , abnormal swelling on the neck and a lump the size of a small ball, poor menstruation cycle, overweight issues,  these were really taking a toll on her day to day life.
She was on the medication for one month named Parathiouracil, also known as P T U, an Antithryoid drug for about one month and was supposed to continue whole of her life with the maintenance dose. So she decided to come to me with above mentioned symptoms to gain some relief.

Treatment and results

She had a few Hijama sessions with her and followed a Sunnah foods diet.
After her third session she visited her doctor for her regular check-up. The doctor couldn’t believe the report and said “I don’t understand this case you have been having remarkable progress”.The day after her third Hijama treatment the patient reported she felt relief from almost all the symptoms mentioned earlier, she was sleeping well, the swelling on neck subsided so much so that the lump in her neck was gone, no more sweating, the tremors had greatly reduced, she had her periods, and she felt lighter and much more energetic.
The heart rate dropped to 96 from 130 bpm initially and later on became 88bm and this was without the beta blockers that was prescribed by her physician.She is very happy with the positive progress with her hyperthyroidism,
She feels she has a more fuller and happier life since Hijama Alhamdollilah, she praises God for her current health condition as she will not need to be on prescription medications for life and she is following a Sunnah diet, and losing weight.
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