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She Shaved All Her Head Hair!

The following Case study is by one of our recent Graduates Sr Hafsana Gurjee from Preston. 
Her patient was a 22 year Old Student who at the age of 14 had experienced thinning of hair and hair loss on certain areas of her scalp. She  had a scaly, itchy, puss filled spots over her scalp. From time to time, these spots would dry out and newer spots would appear. This would happen fortnightly. Over time, she had numerous visits to the G.P and was given a range of medications to try however change was only temporary. She felt very upset at this so stopped using the medication/shampoos recommended to her by her G.P. She was stressed and her self-esteem and confidence felt very low. Her health was impacting her social life. She needed an alternative so her practitioner recommended Hijama treatment.
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She had a number of Hijama sessions on the body and directly on the head. She was recommend to avoid all unhealthy processed and junk foods .Eat lots of fresh green leafy vegetables and juices. To massage her scalp with Olive and Black Seed Oil. Manage her stress and to increase physical activity.
Olive oil
After her first session, she explained she felt happier and felt light headed. Her moods had lifted and felt relaxed. During her second treatment she disclosed she had banged her knee into a table once whilst at work over a year ago and every few months she would experience pain in her knee from time to time. After Hijama she reported she did not experience pain in her knee since.
knee pain
She had noticed remarkable improvement of her scalp as the sessions progressed, She had noticed her spots had started clearing and no newer spots had appeared as before newer pus-filled sports would form every fortnight.  To the Hijama Practitioners surprise by the fourth treatment the patient arrived completely bald as the spots had cleared. She had shaved all her hair off ready for further treatment!!
Overall, she felt a spike in her energy levels and mood. Her skin looked more radiant. She was blooming with confidence and more talkative. She also started going out more with friends and was more active. Hijama was extremely beneficial for the patient’s emotional, mental and physical well-being.
Self-esteem 2
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  1. Assalam-ali-kum. I am not on Facebook and Twitter. So i am not able to find out what this hijama and cupping therapy is. If you could please make it a bit easier for me to know what it is i will be really grateful.
    Regards and best wishes,

    1. Assalamualaikum,
      Hijama literally means ‘sucking’ or to ‘bring something to its normal state’ and it is a Sunnah (tradition of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him). According to many authentic ahadeeth, the Prophet (peace be upon him) advised to practice followers to carry out this healing act.
      To read more about Hijama Cupping read HN articles and google search for the topic.
      Sr Adeela Aaiesha. CHP
      Hijama Coach.

  2. How can I do the certified course in hijama .i am a physician .whats the course duration and total cost

    1. Assalamualaikum,
      Hijama Nation is an online teaching and training academy based in the UK.
      As the course is online, the duration a student will take, totally depends on the student.
      To check the price of our Level 5 Accredited higher diploma in hijama cupping therapy, click here:
      To have a look at other courses that we offer click below:
      For more info write to us at:

      Sr Adeela Aaiesha. CHP
      Hijama Coach.

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