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Learn more about Hijama and Traditional Islamic Medicine - Hijama Nation

Learn more about Hijama and Traditional Islamic Medicine

Here is a brief testimonial from Sr Saliha from South East London, UK. She has just finished her Case Studies and Theory modules-both of which she has received Higher distinctions. She is  now ready for her final practical exam. 
“Over all I have found the course extremely interesting. I was expecting to finish it within the minimum time, but when I saw the course material I decided to take my time and study it all properly. I want it all to stick in my memory for life inshaAllah because it is very good general knowledge. I loved learning about the muslim physicians like Ibn Sina, and I did loads of extra research on them and want to buy their books. And the modules about the moon and anatomy were also great useful information”.
To learn more about Hijama Therapy and Traditional Islamic Medicine, get qualified with the HNA Accredited Higher Diploma in Hijama Cupping Therapy Level 5 course, please enrol here.
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