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Hijama Treatment Plan For Migraine and Different Kinds Of Headaches. - Hijama Nation

Hijama Treatment Plan For Migraine and Different Kinds Of Headaches.


Is your scalp sore?

Are your eyes getting heavy and painful?

Are you having sleepless nights because of a headache?

Is your vision getting blurred?

Do you suffer from jaw pain while eating or chewing?

Along with a headache, are your arms and legs getting numb?

Are you becoming sensitive to light?

Do not ignore these symptoms!

Headache can lead to other serious health issues.

Hijama Cupping Therapy can help treat headaches and Migraine.

Consult a Certified Hijama Practitioner.

 A headache is a pain in your head or face that’s often described as a pressure that’s throbbing, constant, sharp or dull.

Migraine is a type of headache characterized by recurrent attacks of moderate to severe throbbing and pulsating pain on one side of the head.

The pain you feel during a headache comes from a mix of signals between your brain, blood vessels, and nearby nerves. 

Following are some of the common types of headaches; tension headaches, migraine headaches, exertion headaches, sinus headaches etc

Most headaches aren’t the result of a serious illness, but some may result from a life-threatening condition requiring emergency care.

A primary headache is caused by overactivity of or problems with pain-sensitive structures in your head.

Chemical activity in your brain, the nerves or blood vessels surrounding your skull, or the muscles of your head and neck (or some combination of these factors) can play a role in primary headaches. Some people may also carry genes that make them more likely to develop such headaches.

Be very careful if your head keeps coming back, painkillers do not help, home remedies are not working, you feel like vomiting etc.

Following are some common reasons of headaches:

      • having a cold or flu

      • stress

      • drinking too much alcohol

      • bad posture

      • eyesight problems

      • not eating regular meals

      • not drinking enough fluids (dehydration)

      • taking too many painkillers

      • having your period or during menopause

    Hijama Cupping Therapy can help with different types of headaches, Insha Allah.

    Hijama has proved to be a successful complementary medicine therapy to treat low back pain, headache, and other types of pain. Cupping is a promising treatment modality for migraine headache and has a positive effect on quality of life.

    Hijama Cupping therapy is a form of non-invasive healing in which cups made of plastic or soft, pliable materials like silicone are used to create suction on specific sections of the patient’s head and neck. This suction results in an increase of blood flow to that specific area and promotes healing.

    Hijama Nation will advise the following important Hijama Points to get rid of Headaches and their root causes.

    We also want to recommend a natural supplement that can help you with the migraine and headaches which can be very irritating in our daily routine.

    Rather than become accustomed to pharmaceutical drugs, which can have several side effects on our health, Therefore, we recommend a vegan and halal product that contains organic, non-GMO, natural ingredients that support healthy blood flow and circulation, arterial strength and vascular function, and healthy clotting process and platelet function.

    As we would like our Muslim Ummah to be healthier without causing damage to its overall health, so that it can be better off.

    Thousands of people have benefited from this successful product which has been on the market for over 17 years. It has taken us a long time to research the product before we recommend it to you.

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    (All medical conditions are to be eliminated first)

    Consult a Certified Hijama Practitioner. A CHP will make detailed hijama treatment plans, keeping in mind your health conditions and other needs. 

    HN believes that each client is to be treated Holistically. So Mind, body and soul are to be treated and looked after.

    The most common cause of tension-type headaches is muscle contraction in the head, neck or shoulders. So different types of cupping techniques should be applied on the client to get rid of the root cause.

    Cupping is a great option for chronic sinus pain sufferers. The gentle pulling effect of the cups over swollen sinuses can bring about a release in pressure and encourage draining, thus easing the pain of congestion and soothing inflammation

    Hijama Nation believes that a client suffering from headaches should avoid smoking, alcohol, do not skip meals, do not over sleep, avoid electronic screens, over exerting etc

    At the same time Hijama Nation would advise active and positive lifestyle changes to be introduced, for example drink plenty of water, have some rest, try to relax, practise deep breathing exercises, perform ruqyah on yourself, give charity with intention of shifa etc

    Let’s revive the sunnah of Hijama with us!

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    Adeela Aaiesha (CHP)

    Hijama Coach..

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