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Hijama Treating Gout, Knee & Ankle Pain…

Assalaam alaikumm,
Here is another case study by one of our HNA Graduates from Lahore, Pakistan. She is producing great work masha Allah. Her patient was a 56 years Old Female with excruciating pain in her right knee and ankle as she was suffering with Gouty Arthritis.
knee pain 2

Health History

The patient was suffering from Gout since the last the years which lead to degenerated joint disease, swelling and redness in the right knee and ankle and also occasional pain in left knee.  She was on medication for this. She was not very active, her diet consisted of mainly oily foods and foods high in protein and carbs. She would sometimes get heartburn.


She had a number of Hijama sessions along with dietary and lifestyle changes. She was also encouraged to drink turmeric tea, switch to grilled boiled food and to use extra virgin olive oil for cooking. Also she was advised to increase water intake to 7-8 glasses a day, do regular gentle exercises like walking for 10-15 min daily.
Olive oil


The patient after the first session felt light, an immediate relief and reduction in pain in knees. As each session progressed the Patient reported how her level of pain and discomfort was decreasing.
Most of all she noticed a reduction in her right knee pain; She felt she did not need any further painkillers and enjoys turmeric tea. She was delighted with her recent health improvements as the swellings in her leg joints had subsided. The heartburn has gone which was the side effects from the pain medicine and unhealthy diet. She was looking forward to further treatment.
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  1. I am thanking you first of all on behalf of all Muslims of this time. Secondly I want to get the certified Hijama experts male and female in Lahore, Pakistan. with thankx.

  2. Assalam o Alaikum
    My name is Mrs Farhat Khan . I’m living in Johannesburg South Africa. Need hijama therapy treatment for my husband Mr Meraj Khan ( age 35 years). As he is suffering from continuous knee pain since few years and pain in feet as well . I am new to hijama . How can I find one in South Africa. Please Advice
    Jazak Allaah

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