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Hijama Treating Chronic Knee and Kidney Pain…

Here is a Case Study by one of our Students from Birmingham UK.

Health History

Her patient was a 35 year old with severe knee and kidney pain since the last 12 years. She found it very difficult to do everyday tasks and in particular having difficult to bend and stand during prayer. She had a very poor diet, hardly drank water and did not exercise. 

knee pain 2knee pain


Treatment consisted of a number of Hijama sessions and reflexology. She was encouraged to drink more water, have vegetable juices, do light stretches, eat more fruit and vegetables towards a more raw food diet, and increase walking.  She was advised on special herbs that can aid recovery.

water drinkfruit


Since the Hijama and other lifestyle changes her patient had astounding results. The pain in her knees was completely gone. She was able to bend it and move with ease especially now with prayer. The pain in her kidneys decreased by a great deal whereas before she started the Hijama it was very painful for her.
Her exercise levels increased because she said she felt she had a lot more energy from making changes to her diet, water intake and being able to walk without excruciating pain. Also amazingly she lost over a stone in weight just by the changes she made.
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