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Hijama Points For Infertility/Pregnancy.


Are you suffering from irregular periods?

Is your facial hair growth more than  normal?

Have you been diagnosed with hormonal imbalance?

Are you suffering from metabolic disorders and obesity?

Is your menstrual cycle too long (35 days or more) or too short (less than 21 days)?

Are you unable to get pregnant and facing miscarriages?

These might be symptoms of Infertility.

Consult a Certified Hijama Practitioner and book yourself for Hijama sessions.

Hijama Cupping Therapy can help you help pregnant, Insha Allah.

Infertility is when a couple cannot get pregnant (conceive) despite having regular unprotected sex.

Around 1 in 7 couples may have difficulty conceiving.

About 84% of couples will conceive naturally within a year if they have regular unprotected sex (every 2 or 3 days).

For couples who have been trying to conceive for more than 3 years without success, the likelihood of getting pregnant naturally within the next year is 1 in 4, or less.

Common cause of infertility include:

Lack of regular ovulation.

Poor quality semen.

Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes.

Excessive smoking or drinking.


Environmental factors.

Stress etc

“Hijama” or wet cupping has been found effective to treat polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) — the most common hormonal disorder occurring in women during their reproductive years.

When regular Hijama Cupping is performed on a client with infertility issues, this improves blood circulation and allows healthy blood flow around the entire body, which helps to conception. In the process of Hijama Cupping any stagnant blood is removed along with extra waste in the blood. The sperm and egg should be able to meet and consequently the egg should be fertilised.

Detailed Hijama Treatment Plan should be designed by a CHP, according to the medical history of the client.

Hijama Nation would advise a Holistic approach. Fertility is complex and multifactorial. Healthy diet, nutrition, positive lifestyle changes, use of herbs etc.

Use the following important and beneficial hijama points to treat yourself and your clients, Insha Allah.

Hijama is a Sunnah and Allah (swt) has put shifa in it. 

While trying to be pregnant, give charity with intention, practise regular Ruqyah and work on your spiritual, mental and physical cleanse, Insha Allah.

Hijama Nation would suggest 3 Hijama sessions in a row and then monthly sessions. Both husband and wife should get treated through Hijama.

General Detox is good, in addition to focussing on the reproductive organs.

Wet Cupping therapy can be effective in treating individuals with infertility, this should improve the circulation and allow a healthy blood flow around the entire body, which should help in conception; therefore any stagnant blood is removed along with extra waste in the blood.

Along with a Hijama treatment plan, advise the client to monitor general diet and lifestyle choices and make necessary healthy changes.

Hijama can help get rid of inflammation of the veins, cures infections, helps with regularisation of the menstrual cycle, balances the hormones, helps with ovulation etc So Hijama can help get rid of the root causes of infertility Insha Allah.

Let’s revive the sunnah of Hijama.

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Sr Adeela Aaiesha (CHP)

Hijama Coach.

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