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Hijama for Weight Loss and Wellbeing

Here is a case study by one of our students who treated a a young lady from South London, UK weight loss and well being using Hijama. This experience is shared in her own words…
“I had a wonderful Hijama experience. Within 3 months, I’ve been seen every 2 weeks by Sister Atifa. She is so patient and really kind to speak to. First time I received Hijama, I felt extremely relaxed and my body was energized after the shoulder pain I’ve had. It’s true that Hijama brings great comfort to our mind and body. I was glad to do it because of Sunnah..but to tell the truth, Hijama controlled my blood pressure and my glucose levels. I was amazed to see the difference in my body.
Before hijama I was size 12 and used to eat a lot of junk food and now I’m size 8 thanks to Sister Atifa’s advice and diet plan. I start avoiding the foods I had previously craved for such as cheese, cola, creamy ranch dressing, burger, chips and kebabs. I start eating fresh greens, fruits, boiled vegetables, and drank 8 cups of water a day.
Within 3 months, my blood pressure and cholesterol level had dropped dramatically, and had broken my addiction to toxic foods. I stuck with the program and eventually lost weight. For the first time in my life, I not only lost weight, but kept it off.  Through healthy eating choices and exercise, I feel like a completely new woman. If anyone wants help with hijama and diet then I suggest you can sister atifa as she has helpful information and will explain everything to you in detail. I am truly excited to go back again. I am very hopeful that my next few sessions will help with my symptoms more rigorously.  InshAllah may Allah (SWT) grant others the opportunity to experience the blessings of this Sunnah.I highly  recommend  you make an appointment for you and your loved ones as soon as possible”!

Patient: Sadaf, South London, UK

If you are interested in bringing these kind of transformations in others, then you should look into becoming a Certified Hijama Practitioner. To learn more about how you can do that, please visit http://HijamaCertification.com

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