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Hijama For Acne And Migranes

Case study about how Hijama helped reduced Acne and Migraines
The following is a case study from one of our students. The patient is a female aged 26 who had acne on her face and chest, constipation, migraines, and a poor immune system. She did regular visits to the doctor for treatment and antibiotics. She has tried many diets and tried to eat healthier food. The patient was eager to have Hijama treatment done.

The patient had a series of Hijama treatments along with lifestyle changes, she was already on a good diet plan so she was recommend having certain sunnah foods, increasing water intake and exercising. She had a full Hijama detox to cleanse her blood.
After her 3rd treatment, you could notice the patient’s acne was getting drier. She noticed that her migraines were not occurring as frequently as they were before. Overtime her acne reduced so much so that only very light brown marks were left on her face and chest because before they were a darker brown colour.  For quite some times she was not able to eat a regular ice cream which she craved very badly (she was eating lactose free foods),  now she tried it and was able to digest it even though she still can’t have regular milk.

By her sixth session she noticed that her constipation reduced and she was able to release her bowels pain free and amazingly without any medication. Also her migraines had reduced.The Patient was pleased that she didn’t have to visit the doctor as she’s improved her health naturally.
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