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Feedback for Practical Training Days April 2014 - Hijama Nation

Feedback for Practical Training Days April 2014

We have recently with Practical training days and the current video launch, alhumdulillah.
We have had excellent feedback from students and viewers for both events.
al razi 1
We had two practical days; one last Saturday and one on Tuesday for sisters. We all had
an excellent time and the days were very successful. The students learned a lot and were very motivated, mahshallah.
Special THANKS to students who came from abroad:
Dr Bibi Swalehah from MN, USA (Dr of Oncology/Haemotology)
Brother Sameh from Germany (Imam/Chemist)
All other wonderful students who came from:
Oldham, Manchester, Blackburn, Peterborough, Nottingham, Oxford, Cambridge, London, Birmingham.
Extra Special thanks to our Assistants:
Sr Muniba-Bimringham
Sr Zobia-Birmingham
Extra, Extra, Special thanks to Dr Tanveer (GP/CHP) and his wife; Dr Sadiya (GP/HN Student) for travelling with their family and joining the class.
Super Extra Thanks to Sister Umm Iosif for our flowers; Sr Umm Sameer for the wonderful cupcakes-her sister of Kirans Kupcakes made lovely, custom made Hijama Nation cupcakes!
And to Sr Nasreen for being so kind and giving me a ride!
Just wonderful, alhumdulillah. Thanks so much for all your support.
We would love to hear your feedback about the training days and how you are feeling after both training and having hijama done, insha’allah.
Please share your experiences with all the other students around the UK and other countries, insha’allah.
Many thanks to Stuart Morris of www.BirminghamHolistic.co.uk for accommodating and supporting us.
Many thanks and duas,
Muddassar Raja and Umm Amaar

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