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About Us - Hijama Nation

About Us

Who Are We?

Hijama Nation was founded in 2011 by Husband and Wife Team; Muddassar Raja and Umm Amaar. They lived in CT, USA and started teaching Hijama there. But due to various restrictions at that time, they decided to move to the UK to establish Hijama Cupping Therapy as a recognised natural therapy. They are currently based in Birmingham where they run Hijama Nation Academy online.

Muddassar Raja (Co-Founder & CEO), is a Certified Hijama Practitioner, IT & Business Consultant, Life Coach and Public Speaker. His mission is to revive and establish the Sunnah of Hijama Cupping Therapy and promote natural health treatments. He has successfully educated and qualified many students globally.

His expertise in business and digital marketing have been a powerful driving force in bringing Hijama to the forefront globally. His internet marketing skills have provided free education to about Hijama to over 20,000 people via email. And countless more on social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. His vision is to train successful Hijama Entrepreneurs and empower them with the valuable tools of social media and marketing skills.
He is responsible for the establishment and recognition of “Holistic Hijama” as a discipline in the UK with the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapists (GRCCT). It embraces a holistic, natural and Islamic approach to Hijama practice, as opposed to dressing it up as a purely Clinical or Chinese Treatment. HNA philosophy is about “Getting Back to Our Roots” and learning about Traditional Islamic Medicine (TIM) which encompasses Quran, Sunnah and Science.

Umm Amaar (Co-Founder & COO) is a Certified Hijama Practitioner, Holistic Therapies Practitioner, Lifecoach, Writer and Public Speaker. Her passion for Traditional Islamic Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Natural Medicine has been a driving force behind the growth and establishment of Hijama Cupping Therapy in UK. She is strongly motivated to educate and empower women in all aspects of mind, body and soul. She has trained hundreds of women globally to become successful Certified Hijama Practitioners and Businesswomen.

Muddassar and Umm Amaar aim to provide an excellent service for their clients, students and public. They have a pioneering vision for their Hijama Project and hope to provide a platform for case studies, scientific research and data analysis at their new location; Hijama Nation Academy. Their target is to have Hijama Cupping Therapy recognised and accepted with in Governmental and Scientific circles and NHS. They have already made breakthroughs by getting Hijama covered by two insurance companies in the UK. They are members of various agencies and Lead Advisors in Holistic Hijama to the GRCCT. They had Hijama Cupping Therapy recognised in the UK, EU, USA, Canada and Australia by the PMA and IICT. They currently have over a thousand students in over thirty countries and are still growing.
Together, they have created and launched their revolutionary new, original “Holistic Hijama Treatment System” (HHTS). This offers Hijama treatment plans which consider the mind, body and soul of the Client and include lifestyle changes and positive mindset training within a Traditional Islamic Medicine framework.
Insha Allah, Hijama Nation will continue to expand and reach millions of people. They believe that every human should have access to Hijama Therapy. They need help from their students, supporters and public to achieve this task. They all have to spread the word together and promote Hijama safely and professionally. The overall goal is for everyone to serve the Ummah and leave behind a Legacy, insha Allah.